A fan-cat-stic day out!

Josh and I often find ourselves wondering what we do with our spare time – and normally the answer to that question is lazing around on our laptops. This weekend, though, we decided to get out of the house and do something a little different.

Yesterdayย was a busy day. I set my alarm for 8am to go for a run (of course leaving Josh behind in bed) and managed to do my longest one yet – 4.5km. Now there was some walking in there too and it may not seem like far to many people, but I’m working on it by running every other morning. Morning runs seem to be better than afternoon ones; my brain hasn’t quite worked out what I’m doing until it’s too late that way.

After getting back, showered, doing some house purchase related admin and taking some unwanted items to the charity shop, we were ready for our day out. The way I’ve described it you might think we were up and ready to go quite quickly – this is not the case.

We got to Nottingham on the train around 1.20 and immediately set course for our current favourite – Nando’s. There was a wait to be seated of course, which didn’t seem too bad, but after ordering the wait for the food seemed ridiculous! Along with my half chicken (mango and lime), peri chips and coleslaw, I tried peri-naise for the first time; I was not disappointed.

Afterwards we had a bit of a mooch around until it was time for the main event of the day – Kitty Cafe. For those of you who don’t know about Kitty Cafe in Nottingham, it’s exactly as the name suggests. They have lovely food and drinks as well as some of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen, even if this time they weren’t exactly craving attention. To be fair we were booked in at 5.15pm so perhaps they’d had enough of playing by this time. It was still lovely to be around cats though and made me look forward to getting out house even more, as we’ll be getting our own cat when we move in!

We had intended to have some food and a few drinks out after Kitty Cafe, but we were still full from our Nando’s and the pubs we ventured to weren’t full of the most… we’ll say ‘desirable’ people. So we headed home on the train instead and had a few beers while watching American Reunion.

I was hoping to be able to write about one of my purchases from our mooch around Nottingham but quite frankly I was a little disappointed. You may be aware of the peel off charcoal face masks which have been going viral. After a search around Boots I thought I had found what I was after, but at the point I came to use the face mask, I realised that it was wash off, not peel off. I tried it out anyway, taking the opportunity for a very attractive selfie, and rinsed off the mask after 15 minutes. The results are really nothing worth writing about, but then my skin isn’t exactly in bad condition so perhaps that’s why.

I’m hoping the fact that I’m blogging will make us do more interesting things with our spare time, but at 4pm on a Sunday following my cousin’s Christening, we are yet again lazing around on our laptops. I can’t complain, I’m quite happy with the current arrangement!

I have a day booked off work tomrrow so perhaps I’ll find myself doing something interesting to write about. Perhaps not – we’ll see.


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