It’s a no makeup kinda day

Because sometimes that’s exactly what you need. I have a rather mundane list of unexciting but necessary things to do, so while I’m working my way through it, I figured I might as well cosy up and relax during my day off work.

After dropping Josh off at work (because yes, I’m an excellent girlfriend), I went for a run at one of our local parks. Every Saturday there is a 5k Park Run there, so before leaving the house I looked up the route to scope it out. Let’s just say I’m not ready to join in with that yet.

As I write I am sat cross-legged on the sofa snuggled under a jumbo knit blanket with a lemon green tea by my side. First order of business is finding instructions for cooking an amazing jacket potato. Of course, I know how to cook a jacket potato – but I’ve got a little extra time on my hands today and if there’s a chance I can get the perfect fluffy inside and crispy skin, I am going for it. It has just occurred to me however that I’m going to have to extract myself from my cocoon of cosiness to cook said jacket potato. Choices, choices. Food will win – it always does.

My other mundane to-do’s include painting my nails (nothing special, just something to cover up the stains from my last colour), sorting out the hosting for another website Josh and I run, emailing HydrateM8 about my leaking bottle and having a read through of the Avon catalogue which is being collected today. Thrilling, I know.

In addition to all of that though I have some things I actually want to do. As we’re buying a house, I have a little collection of magazines well on the way, which means I get to look at all the lovely expensive stuff we can’t afford. But hey, I enjoy it. I’m also going to have a virtual wander around the internet looking for other bloggers I like, to get some inspiration for future posts. I’m sure you don’t want posts like this every day, after all.

And finally if I’m really struggling for things to do, my inner geek will come out and I’ll have a play on the Sims 4. My main love on there is building, decorating and furnishing houses, but sometimes it’s nice to play a life where you can get married and have babies within 3 days, get a promotion at work every day and bulldoze and rebuild your house every time it takes your fancy.

If anyone has any other blogs they’d like to recommend I read, please let me know – I’d love to see what others are writing about.

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