The perfect potato?

I mentioned in my blog post this morning that I was looking for the perfect recipe for a jacket potato. I was about to just get on with preparing it when I thought; “why not blog about this too?”. Maybe blogging about recipes and food will become a regular thing – we’ll see how this goes down.

Now obviously a jacket potato is a very simple thing; but done right, it can be gorgeous. I found a recipe on BBC Good Food which told me all I really needed to know – how long to cook the potato for and at what temperature. The recipe recommends rubbing oil and seasoning over the potatoes.

The recipe recommends rubbing oil and seasoning over the potatoes. As I’m on Slimming World, oil is a no-no. However, some of you may be aware of a magical product called Fry Light. It’s a staple for any slimmer really, not just those on Slimming World. So off I went with my Fry Light, garlic salt and ‘Everyday Seasoning’ (creative name, I know) and I went to town. Of course to save myself too much washing up I lined the baking tray with tin foil first – I’m more than just a pretty face 😉


I baked the potato in the oven at 200°C for around an hour, preparing some salad, grating some cheese and microwaving my tinned chilli while I waited. When I opened that oven up, I was greeted with a culinary delight.

My potato was crisped to perfection and fluffy on the inside – quite frankly it was delicious! In the future, I’m definitely going to cook my potatoes this way – assuming I have time of course!


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  1. oh man, this looks SO GOOD! I’m definitely going to have to give this one a try, especially during the colder times of the year. Would you say this is your favorite way that potatoes are prepared?


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