Trying to slim

I started Slimming World back in October 2016 as although I’m not hugely overweight, I could do with losing a couple of stone. My consultant Katie is great and the rest of the group are amazing too – but I have a bit of a problem.

I’ll be really good all week at work – completely on it with my breakfast, packed lunch (normally salad) and tea (dinner if you’re posh!), but then it gets to the weekend. Josh and I decided between us that drinks don’t count on a Saturday, so we can have a few beers without worrying about it and still stay on track food-wise. Problem is, we don’t stay on track.

Take last weekend for example; I fancied a KFC on Friday night, so we had a KFC. We went to Nottingham for the day and as there was a Nando’s there, we had a Nando’s. Then on Sunday, it was my cousin’s christening and of course, there was buffet food. By this time I knew I’d already blown it so I didn’t hold back. And when I got weighed in tonight at slimming world, I’d put on a pound. No surprise there then.

I think I know what the main issue here is – support. It’s great that Katie and the group are supportive but sometimes it can be a problem being told that ‘everything is ok’. Maybe I don’t need to be told that my weight gain is fine, perhaps tough love could be the way.

I haven’t been recording my food like I did when I first started with slimming world so that is the first thing on the list – I have a food journal which I used for a couple of weeks so I’ll pick that habit back up again. Katie also suggested that I switch to her Saturday morning group instead of the Thursday night one. The aim there is to help me stay on track Friday night and set my weekend up the right way by staying for group and chatting about the week ahead.

And finally, things will hopefully pick up when I’ve moved out. It’s great having food prepared by my mum and everything, but when it’s just Josh and me together, we can plan every meal and only have good foods in the house.

Whatever I do, I need to get back on track. Do any fellow slimming world members have any tips, or does anyone out there have recommendations for staying on track with weight loss? Anything would help!

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