It’s Lego geek-out time!

You’d think from my posts about what Josh and I do at the weekend that we have exciting lives. When I wanted to start my blog, I wondered what I was going to write about – but now I have so many ideas but don’t want to bombard you!

This weekend we went to the North Notts Brick Show in Worksop, because Josh is obsessed with Lego. It was held at the Outwood Academy Valley (since when did schools get so impressive, by the way?) and consisted of stalls where Lego and other products were being sold, and a hall full of exhibitions of things people had built from Lego.

Josh and I sell frames featuring Lego minifigures so when we heard about this show last year, we got in touch to see if we could have a stall. Unfortunately, we were too late as someone was already in place to sell frames, but when we arrived yesterday eager to check out our competition, they were nowhere to be seen! We since found out that they dropped out last minute – something we definitely wouldn’t have done! If you’re interested in seeing the frames we sell, you can find them here.

We had seen some of the exhibitions before as we went to Brick last year at the NEC in Birmingham, but even so it was great to see them again as well as some other new additions. It really is impressive what people can do, plus the fact that they have the time to do it! It’s the attention to detail that really impresses me – you can see from the photo I took of one of the displays how much effort people put into their work.

When we move into our house Josh is having the smallest bedroom as a ‘play room’ – mainly for Lego but also to include some of his other collections. Don’t tell him I said so, but I’m really quite excited at the prospect of a little exhibition in our own house!

The weekend after next we’re going to the Homebuilding & Renovating Show at the NEC in Birmingham – my opportunity to geek out – as I love the magazine, designing floorplans and building them on The Sims.

I’m going to leave you with a little indication of my sense of humour – because both I and lots of children found this little gem very funny yesterday:


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