What a lovely weekend

I’ve had rather a bitty-and-bobby weekend, there are a few things I wanted to write about but none of them were really enough to be a blog post in themselves. So I thought I’d combine them all into one post.


Yesterday we went to the Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the NEC in Birmingham which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. We got 2 free tickets when I bought the magazine (as I love building in the Sims 4 I get lots of ideas from it) so thought ‘what the hell?’. So off we tootled to Birmingham and in we went. I have to say I thought it’d be a bit more about house design than everything you need to build a house – mainly it was heating, roofs, doors and windows; so the things I wasn’t really interested in unfortunately. There were a couple of stalls with floor plans though, and in general the show was interesting so it was worth a visit. Especially being free, apart from the £12 we were robbed for parking.

As the house purchase is coming along nicely too, we decided to go to Ikea in Coventry to get a few bits and pieces and make a list of everything we needed to buy. Amazingly, we found everything in Ikea to furnish the house, and excluding things we’re being gifted, it only comes to £1300(ish) which I’m quite impressed with. We also stocked up on frames for Brick Deco as we have Newark Comic Con coming up in Summer.


Mother’s Day! Also the clocks went forward so although I didn’t sleep that long, I felt really lazy when I woke up. Josh and I still spent ages in bed cuddling and tickling each other even after that though. We’re both so looking forward to lazy weekend mornings when we live together.

I took Josh home around 11am after sorting out the house purchase papers for return tomorrow (sooo much paperwork), as he’s going to see Beauty and the Beast with his Mum and sister. How dare he go without me, eh?

After that Mum, Dad and I went to my brother and his girlfriend’s house after picking up KFC (naughty, I know) as they have a new puppy that can’t really be left on her own yet. Her name is Pippa, she’s a miniature dachshund and she is absolutely adorable! If I didn’t know we were getting a cat when we have our house, I would be begging Josh for a puppy.


This afternoon I am relaxing with Mum watching films and trying out calligraphy. I’ve been experimenting the past couple of weeks and think I’m getting better -I even had a project to work on as it’s Josh’s Nan’s birthday next weekend. I used black ink on top of some watercolour splashes I did before we went out this morning. What do you think?


Next weekend my car is in for it’s MOT and service, Josh and I have hair appointments and we may be venturing to Ikea in Nottingham if we have a completion date for the house confirmed. Busy busy!

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