Time flies when you’re overworked

And when you’re having fun, but in this case; it’s mainly the former. The week-and-a-half since I last posted has gone by in a blur, so this is really just a post to say that yes, I’m still alive, if exhausted.

I’m loving my job as ever but am so, so busy and really don’t know where the hours, days or weeks even go. I’ve applied for that exciting opportunity I mentioned previously but am now worrying because the day of the interviews is pretty chockablock for me appointment-wise. Gotta love anxiety for finding every possible problem that could arise, eh?

Exciting news about the house too; we have a moving date! And it is coming up bloody fast – it’s 2 weeks tomorrow!! So Josh and I are nowย veryย poor as we’ve paid the deposit, solicitor fees and have ordered everything we need to furnish the house. We’ve even booked the van ready for moving – so watch out on the roads on the 21st April as I’ll be driving ๐Ÿ˜‰

Slimming World is going well and I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been forย quiteย some time – I’ve just been weighed in and have maintained this week, which I’m very happy with considering the food I’ve had. What’s even better is that the scales wavered a bit before settling on this weight, so I’m pretty sure I can manage to be below 10 stone by next week which I haven’t been for a few years.

With all this going on I’m frankly exhausted – it’s 5pm and a beautiful day outside, but I’m already in my pyjamas and in bed hibernating. I’ve been feeling really flu-ey (is that a word) all day and even considered calling in sick, but I soldiered on as I had appointments with people that needed me. Aren’t I good?!

So now I’m going to binge watch some Netflix and probably have a nap – night night!

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