Life is good.

I sometimes feel sorry for myself and can't really pinpoint why. But I was thinking today, and actually; life is really good. I haven't always had the best of luck - from needing spinal surgery for scoliosis, eye surgery for detached retina to moving out with a boyfriend it took me 2 years to realise... Continue Reading →

It’s Lego geek-out time!

You'd think from my posts about what Josh and I do at the weekend that we have exciting lives. When I wanted to start my blog, I wondered what I was going to write about - but now I have so many ideas but don't want to bombard you! This weekend we went to the... Continue Reading →

Trying to slim

I started Slimming World back in October 2016 as although I'm not hugely overweight, I could do with losing a couple of stone. My consultant Katie is great and the rest of the group are amazing too - but I have a bit of a problem. I'll be really good all week at work -... Continue Reading →

The perfect potato?

I mentioned in my blog post this morning that I was looking for the perfect recipe for a jacket potato. I was about to just get on with preparing it when I thought; "why not blog about this too?". Maybe blogging about recipes and food will become a regular thing - we'll see how this goes... Continue Reading →

It’s a no makeup kinda day

Because sometimes that's exactly what you need. I have a rather mundane list of unexciting but necessary things to do, so while I'm working my way through it, I figured I might as well cosy up and relax during my day off work. After dropping Josh off at work (because yes, I'm an excellent girlfriend),... Continue Reading →

A fan-cat-stic day out!

Josh and I often find ourselves wondering what we do with our spare time - and normally the answer to that question is lazing around on our laptops. This weekend, though, we decided to get out of the house and do something a little different. Yesterday was a busy day. I set my alarm for 8am... Continue Reading →

Blogging takes prep.

Or perhaps it's just the fact that I am one busy girl. I decided that I wanted to start a blog as I often have an anxious internal monologue that just wants to get out. Perhaps I should talk to a professional, but for now I'll just put my thoughts out there and feel better for... Continue Reading →

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